Sliding Barn Doors For Closets Ideas

Popular Sliding Barn Doors For Closets

Sliding barn doors for closets, also known as bypass doors, are doors that slide one behind the other, using a minimal amount of space. Follow these steps to install sliding closet doors in any room of your home. To install sliding barn doors for closets, prepare the doors to hang up. If they are not finished, then you could paint or polish them before installing them. Measure the opening of the doors of your closet. Determine the vertical and horizontal measurements, as well as the width and length of each closet door.

Ideas for install sliding barn doors for closets, remove existing doors, if necessary. If you have sliding doors in place now, lift each door out of the lower rail first. Then, lower the bottom of each door to the floor next to the rail. By doing this you will unhook the door from the top rail. Put the old doors aside. Remove the old rails, hinges or screws using an electric drill with a screwdriver bit. Use putty to patch all the holes you need. Paint over all the large patches of putty that the new sliding doors will not cover. Align the old rails with the new ones to find the appropriate length for the latter. Cut the new rails to fit into the closet opening using a hacksaw. Install the new rails at the top of the closet opening using an electric drill.

Then to install sliding barn doors for closets, hang the doors on the top bracket starting with the back door. The doors have roller wheels in the upper part that fit inside the upper support. Turn each door so that you have it in front of you when you hang it. Let the doors hang straight from the top bracket. Mark where you need to install the bottom rail. Remove the upper support doors. Install the lower rail using the previously marked measurements. Hang the doors on the top rail again, using the same procedure. The bottom of the doors will slide into place if all the measurements are correct.

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