Sliding Closet Door Track Ideas

Sliding Closet Door Track Wheel

Sliding closet door track – Decorate a dull sliding glass door using an elegant envelope providing instant style as well as integrity. Bright hooded draperies and curtains add a pop of color to any living room. You can also choose drapes tear advanced prints, such as toile or fleur-de-lis designs. Add an exotic touch to your home using Asian-inspired Shoji screens to cover your sliding glass door. Equally chic, bamboo blinds give a space an island style while the sun shines in as desired.

Exotic Coatings

Add an exotic feel to your home by replacing your sliding closet door track with an Asian-inspired Shoji screen (see Resources for a link). Made with Japanese paper and acrylic material, the screen makes filtered light into space while at the same time as privacy. Hang bamboo shades on your sliding glass doors for instant island style. You can hang two separate natural bamboo shades for each half of the sliding glass door, or you can buy one that fits the entire width. Roll bamboo shades to allow sunlight.


Elegant draperies or curtains give your home a shot of refinement. Choose colors to coordinate with the rest of your interior. Use traditional draperies in a luxurious fabric, such as silk or velvet, to cover your sliding closet door track and add sumptuous look to any space. If you prefer a casual and elegant look, choose a woven cotton blend fabric. A French country-inspired toile pattern becomes charming, as is a striped design with complementary colors, such as corn-blue and cream. Customize the look with wrought iron or wooden curtain sticks, along with ribbon or rope covers.

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Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are as functional as they are classic (see Resources for a link). Cover your sliding closet door track with these slots for a clean, timeless look. You can choose articulated bipolar constructions as close to the wardrobe door style; the gaps are sold with coordinating tracks. If the slots are installed in a bi-pass configuration, they are slid onto an overlying track behind each other. This configuration is ideal for small spaces that shutters do not stick into the room.

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