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Organize Small Walk In Closet Ideas

Small walk in closet ideas – Having a dressing room to store and organize clothes and shoes is the dream of all women and more and more of men. The small closets of the bedroom are not enough in many occasions to store clothes and have it at our disposal as we would like, so it is preferable to use any corner or empty room of the house to design a dressing that provides comfort. The open dressing rooms attached to the bedroom are ideal for storing clothes and shoes. The dressing room should include many shelves, drawers and if we put doors they should be glass to see the garments with the naked eye.

To save space, you can incorporate sliding doors but a completely open dressing room also looks great. The small walk in closet ideas must be integrated at all times with the decoration of the room in which it will be located although it serves as an independent space. You can use a decoration in the same tones as the rest of the bedroom and add elements such as armchairs or lamps to create a different setting. The large dressing rooms are ideal to create two different spaces, one for men and one for women. Try that both spaces are symmetrical and that they keep a balance so as not to break the harmony of the place.

The decoration in warm colors like orange or yellow in terms of painting will give amplitude and luminosity to the small walk in closet ideas. Install a shoe rack in the dressing room as it is a key element in any dressing room, especially in that of a lady. In addition, hanger bars for hanging dresses and costumes are indispensable. The clothes, accessories and shoes have to keep an order so that the dressing room is a beautiful and pleasant space in sight.

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