Smart Diy Linen Closet Organizer

Bathroom Linen Closet Organizer

Linen closet organizer – Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to keep the home clothes closet organized? Whether you have a closet dedicated to the textiles of your home (sheets, towels, pillows, blankets and quilts, tablecloths, and others) or an independent furniture type armoire, the truth is that sometimes it is difficult to maintain order. This year I bring you three simple tips that you can apply immediately and that will serve you for the rest of the cupboards in your home. My first advice is to take out everything you have in the linen closet and separate the sheets, towels or tablecloths that look yellowed, frayed, stained or worn.

These first months of the year are famous for the sale of sheets and towels, so take advantage of the good prices. Depending on the budget and linen closet organizer space you have, calculate having two or three sets of sheets per bed and at least two sets of towels per person. I also have a set of sheets reserved for the bed in which the guests usually sleep and two sets of towels (bath blanket, hand towel and small towel) for their use. Divide, then, everything you keep in the closet by categories and by season, and then put at eye level what you are using at that time. Place the out-of-season bedding, pillows, blankets or blankets and larger duvets on the upper shelves.

Have you heard about the “space bags”? They are ideal to store what bulges. These are bags of a resistant plastic and of different sizes to which, after having filled them with clothes, you can remove the air that are left over with your vacuum cleaner. Others do not require a vacuum cleaner. Fill them with blankets, quilts or even pillows and you will see how they occupy less than half the space they would occupy without the bag. Store them in the upper shelves of the linen closet organizer.

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