Smart Stand Alone Closet Organizer

Ikea Stand Alone Closet Organizer

Stand alone closet organizer – Everything fits in a jar knowing how to accommodate! This time we present five ideas for closets and dressing rooms that can inspire you to have more organized your clothes and accessories, and thus facilitate the preparation of day to day. A well-organized wardrobe can save a lot of time and at the same time elevate the experience of the daily ritual to dress and succeed in our daily days. The interior design for this dressing makes the propusta of having an open wooden structure, which serves as an organizing space for all the garments and accessories of the user.

Two large pechers on the left side are perfect for access to the variety of costumes that the owner has, keeping them all within sight and within reach. On the right side there are several drawers and shelves for the different accessories and at the end there is a place dedicated to shoes. The entire cabinet is made of wood, with stainless steel tubes, with a thin wooden floor. Simple 3-piece stand alone closet organizer has a drawer, shelf and moon on the right side, with a closet space, a piece with several shelves on the left side and a sliding door closet in the back to protect the garments.

Careful, as are suits and coats of fabrics and delicate materials. A small black leather armchair serves as an accent for this simple but comfortable and luxurious dressing room. In the large closet design provides a generous space for the stand alone closet organizer of all clothing and the process of dressing. A central island with shelves and drawers made of wood makes both the table and bench to facilitate the organization of the attire. The floor of the stave and the wood of the furniture make this dressing room an excellent place to start the day.

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