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Best Closet Storage Ikea

Closet storage ikea – For small apartments, the layout of the bedroom and dressing room in the same space is easy to understand. However, how do you create a spacious and discreet storage area to change your outfit? Not everyone can do it. Besides utilizing every corner to save space, multifunctional furniture is also one of the most important solutions. Today, we will introduce you to the wardrobe of the company specializing in furniture business as well as some tips that their design consultants.  This wardrobe is cleverly arranged to partition the bedroom and dressing area naturally.

On one side is the bed and the working corner, the other is the place where clothes and personal items are arranged. We are confident that you will enjoy the storage features that it brings. Both broad and scientific, is no less beautiful. The cabinets are designed in different small compartments for you to easily divide and store anything you want. At this point, the designers did not use the doors as they were no longer needed. If you need something to protect your closet storage ikea , it’s easy to deal with veiled blinds. Opposite the cabinet is the empty wall is used to install the hanging hooks to take advantage of, avoid wasting space.

With a room structure is quite long and narrow; this type of cabinet design is extremely suitable. It is also referred to as a “wall” inside the bedroom. The back of the cabinet is the bedside position. Its simplicity may not be enough to attract the attention, so they used IKEA’s lively, textured fabric to make the walls look more beautiful. And you can completely replace them according to mood or interest without spending too much time or money. The side of the cabinet was used to hang some lovely pajamas. In addition, instead of using a tall closet storage ikea, the designers chose a low template with 3 compartments for storing books. You will not need to use a bedside table anymore.

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