Style Mirror Bifold Closet Doors

Mirror Bifold Closet Doors Makeover

Mirror Bifold Closet Doors – Closet doors do not have to be pieces of wood that hide underwear. Wardrobe doors can be a distinctive way to add style and personality and be a part of any room. When choosing the decoration of your room, think of the closet doors as part of the room. Replacing your boring wardrobe/closet door with fully functional mirrored bi-fold doors requires correct measurement before ordering the door. Measurement for bi-fold door mirrors is generally the same as a measurement for double standard doors. Measures must be taken from the opening of the cabinet and not the actual door itself.

This is because the frame around the opening is installed in time and out of square. Measurement of the opening allows you to buy the correct size mirror bifold closet doors of the wardrobe that will work properly. Close the doors cabinet before measuring, if you currently have a bi-fold door. If you have a sliding cupboard door, open the door so that you have access to both corners of the upper opening. If you have a wardrobe door with standard hinges, simply open the door. Take all measures to open the front part of the upper runway, if you currently have bi-fold door doors. If you have a hinged or sliding door, take measurements from the hinge side of the door opening or the back of the sliding door rails.

Measure the width of the opening from one corner to the opposite corner with a tape measure. Take the measurement from the top, middle and bottom of the opening of the closet door. Record the smallest of the three measurements the width required for the mirror bifold closet doors. Take the height from the top to the ground on the left side, right and middle side of the opening. Measure from the top interior part of the opening in the floor. Use the smallest of the three measurements as the height needed for your new mirrored doors.

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