Tall Closet Doors Plan

Perfect Tall Closet Doors

Tall closet doors – When it comes to sizing a wardrobe so that it can store all our clothes and accessories and even more types of objects, it is necessary to give it some minimum measures so that it can work optimally and take advantage of all the space that could be useful. A wardrobe must be at least 55 cm deep so that when the men’s suits are hung, do not let the sleeves be caught with the doors. To this useful background we will have to add 1 cm of the thickness that will measure the rear and the system of doors what occupies, normally when it comes to sliding doors, the total necessary fund to install the cabinet will be at least 70 cm so that we are the 55 useful, when the doors are folding or bellows , it will be necessary to have about 62 cm of total bottom to install our closet. The heights that usually give the doors do not usually exceed the 245 or 260 cm in height, the larger boards will be difficult to find for sale and as much as possible is that they have to be made to measure, thus increasing the initial value of the closet doors.

Tall closet doors, the interiors tend to arrive at the indicated dimension of the doors, but this is less problematic because the modules can be reached at the top of measures that production can manufacture in a usual way and add another module with the dimensions that we choose. The inner helmets that are sold usually have a maximum depth of 70 cm and from that dimension to the lower ones, it will be the carpenter or the factory who will take care of giving them the cm.

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If you have to choose the mortise and pillars to align the surface with the pillar or machete and lose the volume to be coated, the recommendation is that although you have to spend a little more on material and labor, the space is always used to the maximum as when it comes to roof and floor, it is better not to put falsettos in the way of roof drops or baseboards that make lose such valuable space. The size of the folding tall closet doors is usually 45 to 50 cm wide and the sliding doors from 60 to 150 cm, depending on the guide system and the quality of this to be able to support the weight and movement of the doors intact.