The Ideal Diy Walk In Closet

Bedroom Diy Walk In Closet

Order diy walk in closet is not easy for all the factors that must be taken into account, the space you have, what you will save, colors, integration, full use. In this article I want to tell you some specifications for storage of clothes, especially the ideal measures of a closet to store clothes, so you know how to store your things, one by one, and how to optimize the space in the best way. The first thing is to plan what you are going to store and visualize all those places that are difficult to access so that you can store what you do not normally use.

There are programs that have developed some companies that can facilitate the design of furniture, so if you do not find what you need in the market, you can have a wardrobe to suit your needs. Ideally, the diy walk in closet for storing clothes has interior divisions that are interchangeable, so you do not tie yourself to a specific configuration. As for the doors, keep in mind that for the folding you must have about 45 to 75 cm in front to open them comfortably. On the other hand, the sliding doors do not occupy space, but they let see the interior in parts, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

Between these two solutions, are the folding door cabinets? It is convenient that the interior modules coincide with the doors in their width so that when opening them, access is convenient. To hang clothes it will be enough that the diy walk in closet is about 50 centimeters deep and the height will depend on what you hang, but have at least 60 centimeters for shirts and pants and between 110 and 170 centimeters for coats and long dresses. You can always reach a consensus if you want to standardize spaces a bit more, but these are pieces that you will undoubtedly always have.

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