To Add Track For Closet Sliding Doors

Glass Closet Sliding Doors

Closet sliding doors – To add track for closet sliding doors, starting with measure the top header closure opening from left to right, and use a tape measure. Cut the metal top track for measurement, with a baufil. Mark the bottom of the head back 3/8 inch with a pencil. Measure in from top 3/8 inch on each side and mid front. This is where you will install in front of the track. Ask the helper to end the track while securing the other end into the bottom of the headline closet. Adjust the front track with the 3/8 inch mark. Secure the head of the head with a fastening screw and screwdriver. Use a wireless screwdriver if you have one. Line in front of the slot on the other end with the 3/8 inch mark and put the path to the headline closet.

Secure the middle of the 3/8 inch mark with the fastening screw and screwdriver. Check the levelness of the track by placing a 6-foot level above the bottom of the track. Place small spaces between the groove and the head where necessary. Attach two more fixing screws between each side and the center of the slot. Measure the distance between the closet jambs on the floor with a tape measure. Cut the bottom guides with a baufil according to measurements. Let the bottom slide the track on the floor between the closet jambs. Ask the helper to hold a vertical line from the center of the upper slot on one side of the closet sliding doors opening.

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A vertical line is a string with a pointed weight on one end of the string. Place the middle of the floor guide track directly below the point with the vertical line weight. Secure the track to the floor with a fastening screw and screwdriver. Go to the other side of the closet opening and have the helper hold the line. Install the middle of the bottom sliding track directly below the solder line thickness. Attach the track with four more fixing screws, evenly spaced the screws in the length of the track. Install your closet sliding doors in the slots. A door will install in the rear slot and one will install in front of the track. Test how the doors and adjust the bottom slide the track as needed.

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