To Install A Closet Door Ball Catch

Old Closet Door Ball Catch

Closet door ball catch – To give your handle smaller cabinet door to stay closed you will want to install a closet door ball lock. Closet door ball catches come in many sizes and ends select the one that matches the style of your home. To install it, starting with install ball tube; Line up the ball pipe and mark where you want it on top of the door. Make pencils where any screws will go some of the closet ball catches simply sunk into the door with timbered. Others will require screws to hold it. A third write just screws in the tree itself.

If the piece has screws, use a drill, just a bit bigger than the ball pipe. Drill a whole deep enough to take the ball pipe. Mark screw holes with the pencil and use a little less than the screws to start a hole to prevent. To pull from splitting fasten the ball in place using the drill and screwdriver tip. Step 2, prepare the door frame for the closet door ball catch; with the pencil, and place a small pencil mark on the inside of the door. Corresponding to the center of the ball close the door and continue the mark on the door frame. Open the door again and mark across the frame.

Measure the displacement from the side of the door to the ball center and mark all over the line on the frame. This will mark the middle of the indentation on the catch plate. Center and mark where the catch the plate will lay on the door frame. With chisel, cut out the length of the catch plate. So that the plate will lay flush with the frame. Step 3, install closet door ball catch plate; place the plate on the door frame, ground, drill the screw holes and secure the plate.

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