Unusual Yet Perfectly Ordered Small Closet Solutions

Ordered Small Closet Solutions

It is not unusual for us to have more clothes than we can store. This causes our closet to be chaotic and finding any garment becomes an impossible mission. To avoid this situation it is important to know how to small closet solutions .There are tricks with which we can take advantage of the space to the maximum and place all the clothes perfectly ordered. This way we will have all the clothes in sight and it will be easier to choose the set that we have in mind. It’s enough stressful some mornings to fight with the wardrobe! The first and most important thing you should do is this. If you manage to put a second bar from which to hang the hangers you will gain an impressive amount of storage.

Whether you have a built-in cupboard or a wooden cupboard, you can use these IKEA fittings. They are cheap and very easy to place. Your small closet solutions may have spaces that you are not taking advantage of. Install bars in them and you will gain more space to hang your hangers. It can also happen that your wardrobe is not a perfect rectangle. In this case the best way to get more clothes is to install the bar in the corner. Forget that it is perfectly in the central area of ​​the side and go to the practical.

Any type of box will suit you, although if you have a handle it will be more comfortable. Look for the ones that come closest to the space you want to fill and store in them clothes that are not seasonal. A simple way to maximize the space of a small closet. To know how to small closet solutions you have to know some tricks. If you use soda plates to hang the hangers as seen in the image you will get a significant increase in space. Uses file cabinets is another useful idea to know how to organize a small closet. Place filing cabinets and keep towels, sheets or underwear in them.

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