Very Cheap And Surprising Closet Ideas For Small Closets

Closet Ideas For Small Closets Bedroom

Closet ideas for small closets – Everyone wants to have a large closet full of clothes, shoes and accessories. But the secret is not in the size of the dressing room, but in the way we store our clothes.  Place multiple shelves at different heights to make the most of your closet space. Do not fall into the error of owning a single bar to hang clothes. Take advantage of the configuration of modular cabinets to create different spaces. You can also install a small shelf in the interior as a separator and drawer. Do not forget that the perched garments are more visible, wrinkle less and occupy less space than in the drawers.

From shirts to scarves, through scarves, ties and even sunglasses. Any type of garment or accessory can be hung comfortably in this closet ideas for small closets.  You will only need the right type of hanger. Do you have a clothes closet full of nothing to wear? Are you a mess with clothes? Probably the fault is from the doors of your closet. By keeping the clothes in view, we force ourselves to place them, store them better and do without what we do not put on. So we will gain a couple of centimeters to install hangers, drawers and storage baskets.

If you have a two-bar cabinet, think about adding a table in the middle area and a module of drawers in the lower part. These two complements will maximize your storage space, for very little money. If you are looking closet ideas for small closets and you need some extra space, try using a chain to hang several hangers at a time. Very cheap and surprising! We have many things that we do not need or use frequently. Use containers and boxes to store them, in this way they will be organized and protected from dust. If you are not willing to eliminate the doors of your closet -we know it is a controversial idea-, take advantage of its surface to store shoes and sandals.

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