White Bifold Closet Doors Ideas

White Bifold Closet Doors Style

White bifold closet doors – Hide your root and dirt behind pre-packaged bifold doors. A full height armoire can become a catch-all for things. Installing bifold doors will reduce the temptation to keep putting things in the wardrobe just a moment. Bifold door style choices are getting better all the time, so your wardrobe does not have to look like your grandmother’s pantry door. Installation of them is relatively simple. Hang bifold doors, or French doors, on an existing wardrobe by carefully measuring the cabinet before buying the doors. Draw a sketch of the wardrobe. Carefully measure the armoire cabinet. Measure the full height and width. Measure opening height and width. Measure any hardware on trays if the handles rack over the front of the cabinet. Add all measurements to the sketch.

To Install a white bifold closet doors ideas, packaged pre-packed door sets whenever possible. Custom doors are available, but can be very expensive. Change your design if it is necessary to utilize the available sizes and types of prepackaged sets of doors. Add color with paint or wallpaper sections to match your wardrobe cabinet. Sold in pairs, these doors can be made of wood or textured PVC and are often white. Avoid adding extra weight with mirrors.

Install doors on the outside of a wardrobe to make installation easier. Use Carpenters glue and recessed wood screws to attach a wooden frame to the exterior of the armoire face. Keep top, bottom and side rails, level and parallel to each other. Set top and bottom rails for the doors of the wooden frame. Install bifold doors at the top and bottom shines using spring loaded pivot pins. Check the doors for fit before attaching the hinges. Hold the hinges in place on the right and left sides, using wooden screws. Add handles and closer catches. Fit two sets of paired white bifold closet doors when the opening size is over 30 inches.

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